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Nourishing Seattle Series

Tess Thomas, Owner of Emma’s BBQ

 Wondering how you can support restaurants after Seattle Restaurant Week is over?  Check out our six-part Nourishing Seattle video series, get inspired, and then take action!

Restaurants, bars, and cafes are the heart and the soul of any city. In Seattle, our community’s diversity, values, and spirit are expressed through the take-out counters, fine-dining establishments, and late-night spots that unite us. This third place weaves the fabric of our city, nourishing not only us, but our relationships with each other, our community, and our economy.

Take a peek at our easy list of ways you can support and help restaurants thrive all year long!

Q13 Morning Team News | APRIL 15, 2021

Helping the community during Seattle Restaurant Week

Shubert Ho with FeedMe Restaurant and Hospitality Group tells Q13 News This Morning how they’re able to give back at this stage of the pandemic.

Watch the interview here.

Beam Suntory Cocktail Series

Looking to add a cocktail to your Seattle Restaurant Week meal?

Find cocktail specials highlighting HornitosMaker’s MarkSuntory Toki WhiskySuntory Roku Gin, and Suntory Haku Vodka by using the Dining Options dropdown feature on the home page. 

Take a peek at the videos below and get inspired!

Oddfellows pairing of a Black Manhattan featuring Marker’s Mark Bourbon, Averna, and Black Bitters with their Seattle Restaurant Week menu.

Tamari Bar offering House of Suntory cocktails with their Seattle Restaurant Week meal.

Q13 Morning Team News | APRIL 10, 2021

Arnies in Mukilteo hopeful as Seattle Restaurant Week expands outside of city

Seattle Restaurant Week not only lasts longer than a week, but is also expanding outside the city this year.

Watch the interview here.

Srw Spring 2021

The Spectator | APRIL 9, 2021

Changes to Seattle Restaurant Week 

Good deals for food are on every college student’s radar, and Seattle Restaurant Week offers a way to support local businesses in the process of finding inexpensive fare. The nonprofit organization, Seattle Good Business Network, runs the event twice a year. 

This year, the spring event runs from April 1 through April 30, and local restaurants are offering $20 lunches and $35 or $50 dinners to patrons. Due to COVID-19, restaurants can provide alternate dining options such as takeout and delivery; those choices can be sorted through the searchable list on their website. 

Read the full article here.


Charlie’s Produce Chef + Spring Produce Spotlight Series

Charlie’s Produce has been delivering fresh ideas and fresh Produce for over 40 years. As a Presenting Sponsor of Seattle Restaurant Week, Charlie’s Produce is proud to supply seasonal spring vegetables, including those highlighted below, which will be featured on many of the Seattle Restaurant Week menus and in these insider chef videos below!

Seattle Restaurant Week Ethan Stowell participating venues include ESR Pop-Ups, Tavolàta – BelltownCapitol HillStone WayStaple & Fancy, How to Cook a Wolf – Madison ParkQueen Anne, Mkt., Red CowRione XIII, and Goldfinch Tavern

Vendemmia highlighting their Seattle Restaurant Week dish Nettle Agnlotti spotlighting fresh asparagus from Charlie’s Produce.

Toulouse Petit highlighting their Seattle Restaurant Week dish Toulouse Fall Market Salad spotlighting fresh asparagus from Charlie’s Produce. 

Salare highlighting english peas and Cokes’ Farms seared red spring onions from Charlie’s Produce in their Seattle Restaurant Week Curry Crab dish. 

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Pioneer Square D&E
#FamilyOwned #VeteranOwned #WomanOwned
On-Site, Outdoor, Takeout

The Intentionalist | APRIL 1, 2021

Seattle Restaurant Week InTENtional List

Ah, it’s every foodie’s favorite time of year once again. Seattle Restaurant Week returns for the entire month of April, offering the chance to explore special prix fixe menus all around the city! Restaurants are making special accommodations for public safety, so you’re sure to find a way to participate that suits your fancy. Whether your preference is takeout, ready-to-heat, delivery, meal boxes, or indoor/outdoor dining, check out our InTENtional List of recommended spots to visit!

Read the full article here.

Bonus: Here’s the full list of Intentionalist participants in Seattle Restaurant Week.

Q13 Morning Team News | APRIL 1, 2021

Team Mamnoon talks Seattle Restaurant Week

Co owner Wassef Haround and head chef Nicco Muratore tell Q13 about their specials and what their pandemic experience has been like.

Watch the interview here.

King5 | APRIL 1, 2021

Restaurant owners hope Seattle Restaurant Week brings in more customers

After a year of COVID-19 restrictions, restaurant owners hope the month-long event can save their businesses.

Watch the interview here.

Spice Waala — now with a new branch in Ballard as well as the original Capitol Hill location — is offering its excellent “unapologetically authentic Indian street food” to go for Seattle Restaurant Week: Pandemic Edition Part II. (Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times)


Seattle Restaurant Week returns for the second time during the pandemic — here’s how to navigate it with COVID-19 cases again on the rise

Seattle Restaurant Week is back for a second time during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the spring 2021 edition again lasting an entire month — from April 1 through 30 — to give patrons more opportunities to support the beleaguered industry. More helpful innovations from fall 2020 SRW are carrying forth as well, including: a website ( that features restaurant options sortable not just by neighborhood, but by factors like Black-owned, “Eat Local First,” vegan and more; a “Give a Meal” option, with donations going to That Brown Girl Cooks! Community KitchenMusang Community KitchenProject Feast and more; and no fee for restaurants to participate (with registration running all month long). 

Read the full article here.

Do206 | Highlights Biang Biang Noodles participating in Buy One, Give One Meal program

Downtown French dining destination Café Campagne (via Yelp) is one of the restaurants participating in the month-long promotion.

Seattle P-I | March 30, 2021

Seattle Restaurant Week returns in April with over 200 participating local restaurants

Foodies in Seattle are gearing up for an entire month of eating out as Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW) plans its return for April. The month-long promotion features over 200 participating restaurants offering special prix-fixe menus at excellent prices, giving many diners the chance to explore the region’s vast culinary scene.

Read the full article here.

Screen Shot 2021 04 04 At 4.22.55 Pm
Chef Mutsuko Soma’s lauded Fremont restaurant Kamonegi will be serving its handmade soba noodles during Seattle Restaurant Week which will span the entire month of April this year.

Everout | March 29, 2021

25 Noteworthy Restaurants To Try For Spring 2021 Seattle Restaurant Week
This Year’s Event Will Span the Whole Month of April

Frugal gourmands everywhere rejoice over Seattle Restaurant Week, which happens twice a year and lets diners tuck into prix-fixe menus at many different restaurants hoping to lure new customers with singularly slashed prices.

In the wake of COVID-19’s devastating impact on the restaurant industry, this year’s proceedings are going to be a bit different. Despite the name, Seattle Restaurant Week will last the entire month of April. And, though three-course prix-fixe meals will still be available, the participating restaurants (over 200 this year) will also have more flexibility over what specials and deals they’d like to highlight, and takeout and delivery will be emphasized more than before.

Read the full article here.


EATER | March 26, 2021
How Seattle Restaurant Week Will Adjust for the Pandemic in April

Just like in the fall, food trucks and pop-ups can participate, and there’s a charity component

Seattle Restaurant Week begins April 1 and runs through April 30, but the month-long promotion isn’t the same as years past. Though SRW usually charges fees to restaurants, participation is free now. Three-course prix fixe meals are still prominent (and have been a big part of the appeal to diners), but restaurants have more flexibility to decide what to offer in the SRW menus, while food trucks and pop-ups can join the fray as well. Takeout and delivery options are encouraged, and the majority of participants offer such services.

Read the full article here.

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