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Plate of Nations in partnership with Seattle Restaurant Week welcomes a diverse array of independent eateries from Southeast Seattle who are showcasing menus designed especially for the month-long festivities. 

“The collaboration between Plate of Nations and Seattle Restaurant Week gives locals a meaningful way to show solidarity and support small, independent, locally owned restaurants,” says Sarah Valenta, Community & Business Development Manager at HomeSight. “In its 10th year, the MLK Business Association made the tough decision to postpone Plate of Nations in late March as COVID was starting to hit Seattle, and though we found other ways to support these businesses at that time, we are thrilled to be able to relaunch our most popular program. It’s incredibly important, and exciting, that we have the opportunity to support the restaurants of Seattle with a fun and interactive program.”

Cafe Ibex hours, location, and menu here

Plate of Nations Spotlight on Cafe Ibex

Tina Tenagne Gashe emigrated from Ethiopia to Southeast Seattle in 1997. In an attempt to recreate the restaurant that she and her husband owned in Ethiopia, Cafe Ibex was born. Cafe Ibex is still quite the family affair with Tenagne, her husband, her niece, and her cousin managing the major operations. They chose MLK for their business location because it is so near their home which is nestled in this very diverse community. “This is my community, where I live, shop and raise my kids,” she said.

Tina loves the art of cooking and is passionate about the flavors and aromas of Ethiopian food. She spends most of her time perfecting recipes and improving her business. “This is the food that I make at home for my family and friends.”

Rainier Restaurant hours, location, and menu here

Plate of Nations Spotlight on Rainer Restaurant

Lisa Dang and her siblings recently took over management of this homestyle Vietnamese spot with fusion flair — but it’s been in the family for far longer. Her auntie, Minh Le Phong, had been serving up plates like fried catfish, ong choy salad, and banh xeo for nearly 25 years by the time Lisa, her siblings, and their mother, Nhan, bought the place.

“Everybody in my family has restaurant experience in one way or another, from dishwashing to waitressing to managing,” says Lisa. “My auntie needed to retire, so we bought it to keep it a family restaurant and keep us close together so we can work with each other and provide amazing food.”

Lisa and her family serve up authentic Vietnamese food — complete with organic veggies and seafood bought fresh from the market each morning — as well as fusion dishes incorporating cuisines like Chinese, Thai (like the spotted prawns simmered in coconut) and Japanese (like the lobster sashimi).


Do206  headed over to Askatu Bakery by Liberated Foods for their grand opening on November 4th! Their Seattle Restaurant Week lunch includes two curried cauliflower and pea stuffed flatbreads, a green salad or lentil salad, and choice of cookie.

Askatu Bakery by Liberated Foods is a minority and woman-owned small business that specializes in making allergen free baked goods and mixes to order.


Charlie’s Produce Restaurant & Fall Produce Spotlight Videos 

Charlie’s Produce has been delivering fresh ideas and fresh produce for over 40 years. As a Presenting Sponsor of Seattle Restaurant Week, they are proud to supply seasonal fall fruits and vegetables, featured on the many of the Seattle Restaurant Week menus and in these chef spotlight videos!


Seattle Restaurant Week Spotlights South End’s Global Cuisine 

Need an excuse to splurge on something delicious? A reimagined version of Seattle Restaurant Week offers more options than ever, including an assortment of independent eateries in the South End… “Let’s keep our restaurants going, because they are the fabric of our community. They represent our ethnicity, our love of food, our culture, our identity.”


Do206 kicked off Seattle Restaurant Week with a $20 takeout lunch from The Whale Wins in Fremont. Lunch included a wood-fired grilled cheese sandwich featuring Ben’s Pullman loaf, gruyere pimento cheese accompanied by Georgia sweet squash and a tahini butter chocolate chip cookie.

Check out the The Whale Wins profile page and be sure to take a look at the Fremont Chamber of Commerce site to check out more venues where you can enjoy Seattle Restaurant Week in the Fremont neighborhood!


Check out this guide of Intentional businesses particiating in Seattle Restaurnat Week

Intentionalist is built on one simple idea: where we spend our money matters. Intentionalist makes it easy to find, learn about, and support small businesses and the diverse people behind them through everyday decisions about where we eat, drink, and shop. #SpendLikeItMatters

Image: photo credit Intentionalist & Ada’s Restaurant and Bar


Seattle Restaurant Week returns for a fall 2020 pandemic edition, starting today

The spring 2020 edition of Seattle Restaurant Week was set to start on March 29, so, well, that didn’t happen. Now, somewhat suddenly and surprisingly, the specially priced dining event is back — here’s how it works during a pandemic. Read the full article here 

Image: Spice Waala’s “unapologetically authentic Indian street food” is one of the excellent takeout options for Seattle Restaurant Week: Pandemic Edition. (Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times)


Seattle Restaurant Week revamps for the pandemic – interview with Plenty of Clouds in Capitol Hill. 

Watch the video interview here.


Seattle Restaurant Week Is Back! Here’s Our Guide to the Fall 2020 Edition

This year’s spring Seattle Restaurant Week, originally scheduled to start March 29, was one of the first events to be canceled due to COVID-19. For the fall edition, though, it’s back and bigger than ever: To give the restaurant industry a much-needed boost, Seattle Restaurant Week is featuring more dining options and is extending the event to last an entire month. Read the full article here 

Image: Ethan Stowell’s recently launched pop-up Pinchy Bois, which serves fresh Maine lobster and lobster rolls inside Bramling Cross, is participating in Seattle Restaurant Week this year. photo credit Ethan Stowell restaurnants

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